Singing and songwriting was not a conscious decision. Like most artists it has been part of Rose Hart's life since she can remember. Singing lessons started at the age of nine and has since been the goal - to sing professionally for career goals and personal satisfaction. Studying keys and vocals at London's Vocaltech in 2007, rapping also came into play when a teacher heard the East Londoner rhyming before making her way to the stage. Since then, Rose Hart's music has become a fusion of both her vocal and hip hop influences.

During her teens she would sing the hooks for London based rappers such as Shameless and English, all being part of her brothers independent production and management label, DAT Sound. So the art of rap had always played a major role in Rose's musical expression but it was not until 2012 that she would establish herself as the solo artist Rose Hart - Singer, rapper, songwriter.

The first release was the mixtape 'Petals and Thorns' (available for free download via the Rose Hart website). The mixtape is an 18 track view on how Rose has taken all influences (Jazz, soul, hip hop and much more) and cultivated a sound all her own. Just after the official release of the mixtape, Rose Hart moved from the Big Smoke, to the biggest of all apples, NYC. She is still based in Manhattan and is starting to make a real name in the music scene.

The mixtape was picked up by the publishing company HYPE MUSIC who are based in LA. In 2011, Rose would be introduced to Swift of the Midi Mafia. A week spent in LA and the EP 'The Get It' (available on itunes) would be recorded. A seven track EP which took Rose's unique style to a new place. Still very clearly hip hop influenced, you can find dubstep, RnB and even a couple of ballads on this album which has been picked up by MTV, VH1 and lifetime for use on various shows. These include, Jersey Shore, Mob Wives, Love and Hip Hop and Dance moms. Rose also performed on Halloween of 2011 for the MTV O awards, opening up for Pop sensation, Robyn.

Because of these TV placements Rose has definitely caught the eye of some music lovers who are now aware of what a songwriter brought up listening to Bonnie Raitt, Stevie Wonder and Bone Thugs and Harmony can really do. If you ask Rose her musical influences the list is unreasonably long, in short, it ranges from Debussy to J Dilla, Erykah Badu to joni Mitchell, Michael Jackson to 2Pac and everything in between.

Currently, still based in Lower Manhattan Rose has now teamed up with Jersey/Philly based artist collective, Fresh Fuzion. Performing at yet another NYC open mic, Rose caught the eye of one of the founders and rappers, Wali Lundy and was introduced to managing director and producer, Jay Criss. Fresh Fuzion is a movement, based on cross promoting and creating with other artists. The track 'Extraordinary' was the first collaboration with Wali and Jay Criss and most definitely isn't the last. Performing in Philly on New Year's Eve of 2012, the crew have definitely set the bar high for 2013. There is more music to come, watch this space!

Rose Hart's debut music video 'I Believe' was released at the end of 2012. This is a funk track produced by Brooklyn based Producer, DJ 5 Alive. Gold Street Collective directed and shot the video which takes place right where you can find Rose on a regular basis, NYC's Lower East Side. The concept is a street party, collecting passers by along the way to join in with the song. It ended up being a perfect representation for the song and what Rose Hart is representing; fun, wit and raw honesty.

It's been a long road and is still going. Rose has her hand dipped in many creative pots. With the new album under way, titled 'Deeply Rooted' you can expect to hear more music, see more videos and feel more movement.